Benefits of Cannabis Vape Pen & Something You Must To Know

What is Cannabis Vape Pen?

Vaping Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Vape Pen is an electronic cigarette specially designed to vaporize cannabis distillate oil. It mainly consists of an atomizer prefilled with distillate and a battery. Easily connect the charged battery to the atomizer and use it directly. It is becoming more and more popular due to its obvious benefits.

Kannastar Cannabis Vape Pen

vaporizer for cannabis oil

Benefits of Dosing Cannabis Oil with Vape Pen

  • Easy to use
  • Economy
  • Dosage under control
  • Odor less
  • Safer than smoking

Easy to use

Using vape pen is one of the simplest and easiest to dosing cannabis. Our vape pen is an electronic atomizer specially designed for viscous cannabis distillates. After battery charged and connect pre-filled cartridge, you can smoke more than hundreds of puffs. Pack it into our vape bag for your trips, use it at any time, any where.


It only consumes the extract when you use it, it doesn’t evaporate on its own. Cartridges can be stored for over a year if they are not exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

Dosage under control

Dosage can be a major concern for consumers who are not using cannabis concentrates. No one wants an overwhelming experience when trying to enjoy cannabis. Unlike dabbing, using the preloaded vape pen provides a high degree of dose control with each inhalation, giving you more control or how much you consume.

Odor less

Unlike traditional smoking a joint, it doesn’t leave your clothes and hair smelling, nor does it create a noticeable odor in the environment.

Safer than smoking

A medical study of Qualitative Analysis of Cannabis Vaporization among Medical Users by

Elizabeth R. Aston, Ph.D.,1,2 Brie Scott, B.S.,3 and Samantha G. Farris, Ph.D.4 shows that medical users reported several additional therapeutic advantages of vaping, relative to smoking or ingesting cannabis, including fewer side effects (40.1%), facilitation of correct dosing (39.6%), superior symptom relief (34.4%), faster effects (27.1%), and longer effects (23.4%; Shiplo et al., 2016).

Kannastar Vape Pen for Cannabis

Kannastar Vape Pen

Seeing this, do you think Cannabis Vape Pen is a perfect product. Maybe you are ready to buy one or you already have? In fact, the market is full of some fake labeling and inferior products, which may cause security risks. Read the user guide below that will help you reduce unpleasant experiences and health risks.

Risk #1: Vape pen from illicit cannabis market

As of February 2020 in USA, the CDC reported 2,800 cases of EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury), including hospitalizations or deaths. The EVALI case is the result of people using illegal vape cartridges purchased in the illicit marijuana market, which is not regulated. Cases have emerged in all 50 states, with people suffering from severe acute respiratory distress syndrome.

The culprit behind these diseases is vitamin E acetate, an agent used to thicken cannabis oil in illicit e-cigarettes. Vitamin E is not approved for use in licensed legal marijuana vape cartridges.

Risk #2: Overheated and dry coil of cartridge

Because the working principle of the cartridge is to generate steam through the heating of the cannabis oil by the atomizing core, if the cannabis oil does not fully flow into the atomizing core, the heating will cause dry burning. In this case, the atomizing core will be damaged, and the taste and evaporation performance will be lost.

To avoid this, check to see if the cannabis oil covers the small holes in the nebulizer before using it.

How to use Cannabis Vape pen

Risk #3: Battery stability

If the battery is leaking, or has a chemical smell. Please do not continue to use it. Such batteries can lead to depletion of heating performance and even the possibility of fire and explosion. Please buy a trustworthy brand battery.

Risk #4: Fake Labeling

Due to the dizzying array of products on the market, consumers are often misled. For example, some brands will say 60% on the label, but when we go to check their CoA, we find that the total content of CBD and CBDA is only 40% or even lower. So be sure to ask for the CoA from the merchant before buying the product, so that you can know what exactly is inhaled into your lungs. Below is a Full Spectrum 90% CBD Vape Oil from 710 Honey Oil. The higher the total content of CBD and CBDA in this oil, the more clearly visible the content of other cannabidiols.Test reports are provided by PharmaLab in Slovenia, which is ISO/IEC 17025 certified for quality.

Test Report of Cannabis Vape Distillate

Using the 510 Vape Pen to vaporize the cannabinoids-acetate, will it cause the harmful Gas Ketene?

Although there has been no evidence of Gas Ketene poisoning caused by the use of vape pen to smoke cannabinoid-acetate, we still need to conduct more health-related research. For example, a research report in July 2022 pointed out that Gas Ketene is generated when the temperature of the electronic dab rig device “e-nail” is set temperature on 340-482 degrees Celsius. The picture below is the device, its operating voltage is 12V above, the working watt is set to 10W. The equipment and working voltage used in this experiment far exceed our vape pen, which is 2.5-3.5V 6-8 watts. At the same time our vape pen is rated working voltage, set at a lower temperature of 240-280 degrees Celsius vaporizing cannabinoids-acetate in between. By contrast to this experiment, the use of a low voltage vape pen does not reach the temperature at which Ketene formation occurs.

However, when shopping for a vape pen for dosing cannabis extracts, try to avoid “high voltage” styles. Remember, both extraction and vaping, keeping the temperature lower will always have better quality.

E-nail device
E-nail device
Experimental temperature settings
Experimental temperature settings Munger, Kaelas R.; Jensen, Robert P.; Strongin, Robert M. (18 July 2022). “Vaping Cannabinoid Acetates Leads to Ketene Formation”Chemical Research in Toxicology35 (7): 1202–1205. doi:10.1021/acs.chemrestox.2c00170

Where to Buy Cannabis Vape Pen in Europe?

Kannastar Cannabis Vape Pen Starter Kits

Buy Cannabis Vape Pen

The Cannabis Vape Pen is a revolutionary way for cannabis users to experience their favorite cannabinoids. They can be a healthier alternative to smoking because they are free of the tar and cancer-causing chemicals often associated with smoking.

At KANNASTAR, we go to great lengths to deliver quality vapes. All our cartridges are infused with 710 Honey Oil, guaranteed not to contain Vitamin E Acetate, PG, VG, MCT. Plus, we take care of everything from oil composition to cartridge quality, so you’re only getting what’s best for your health. Check out our vaping products here!

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