Real or Fake Cannabis In Prague? Stoner Travel Tips in Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most beautiful and a historic European city. It receives millions of tourists every year.

weed shop in prague
article about weed shop in Prague

In recent years, there are many cannabis shops have opened in the streets and alleys of downtown Prague. Most of them named as “marijuana store”, “weed shop” and so on, maybe you have heard of that “Prague is Little Amsterdam”. So are these cannabis stores similar to the coffee shop in Amsterdam? What exactly is the difference between them? These questions make curious people want to find out. Then we will figure it out for you based on our years of knowledge and experience in this industry. Let’s start from the cannabis law in this country. 

Cannabis shop with aggressive advertising in Prague

Is Weed Legal in Czech Republic?

The short answers are YES for medical use, No for recreational use, and the THC content in industrial hemp is 1% which is highest level in European. Also, personal possession has been decriminalized since 1 January 2010 and medical cannabis has been legal since 1 April 2013.

How many grams of weed can I legally carry in Czech Republic?


Answer: Zero gram, it’s illegal but decriminalized  


You can’t legally carry cannabis contains more than 1% THC without doctor’s perscription in Czech Republic. Amounts over ten grams are decriminalized (so it’s a misdemeanor), not legal.

According to § 39 paragraph 2 letter b) Act No. 167/1998 Coll. Article 284 paragraph 1 of Act No. 40/2009 Coll.

Are cannabis real which sold shops in Prague, Czech Republic?

Answer: Most are scam


Because most cannabis shops on the streets of Prague, Czech Republic originated from Minimarket. Through some on-site investigation videos, it obviously most of them have no basic knowledge and experience of cannabis, and they make a living by deceiving tourists and damaging the reputation of Czech tourist cities and cannabis companies.

This is the main reason why our KANNASTAR company opened showrooms in Prague is to let more people know how to identify, select and consume cannabis products wisely. KANNASTAR will be the most authentic and do its best to bring high-quality cannabis products to consumers under the restrictions of Czech law. Like we said: You always have to know what you are dosing. 

Are cannabis legal sold by shops in Prague, Czech Republic? 

Answer: Most are legal (THC <1%)


Where to find trusted cannabis shop in Prague,Czech Republic?


KANNASTAR’s shops are top one rated on google map and Trustpilot, reviewed by hundreds real customers. You can find legal cannabis shop by following links:

1,  KANNATAR Branding Store in Prague 1

2, Cannabis Shop KANNASTAR in Prague 2

cannabis shop in prague czech republic
cannabis shop in prague czech republic

Which cannabinoids are legal in Prague Czech Republic?


Due to decriminalization, it is easy to find cannabis with high THC content in the Czech Republic. Not only that, THC derivatives such as THC-P, THC-O and HHC series and other trendy cannabidiols are not restricted here. It can be said that the Czech Republic is currently a heavy for tasting new cannabinoids.

Can I legally grow cannabis in Czech Republic?


If less than or equal to 5 plants contains THC ≥ 1%?




If you grow five plants containing more than 1% cannabis or less, it is a misdemeanor and you may face a fine of up to CZK 15,000. According to § 36 paragraph 1 letter x) Act No. 167/1998 Coll.

If three of us live in a house, can we each have our own five plants in the garden so that the garden is still only at the level of trespass?


Answer: Illegal


No. Since the absolute number exceeds 5 plants, joint planting will be considered collusion. In the worst cases, such cultivation can even be judged as organization illegal drug production.

If more than 5 cannabis plants contains THC ≥ 1%?


Answer: CRIME


It’s illegal to grow more than 5 plants of cannabis contain THC higher than 1%, for personal use and the quantity is too large shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than six months, a fine or confiscation of property.

If the cannabis contains THC <1% and less than 100 sq/m?


Answer: Legal


You can legally grow cannabis for industrial, technical or horticultural purposes in an area of no more than 100 m 2 and the THC content at the time of receipt must not be higher than 1%. Pursuant to Article 5, paragraph 5 and Article 29 of Act No. 167/1998 Coll.

If the planting area more than 100 sq/m,


Answer: Illegal


you may face a fine of up to CZK 1 million.

A highly important factor for the development of an industry is legal restrictions. Moreover, the complexity of marijuana laws far exceeds that of other general industries. For a clearer understanding, we must discuss marijuana in three categories: Medical, Recreational (adult use), and Industrial Hemp.

If I am a cannabis patient and have a doctor’s prescription, can I grow it at home?


Answer: No


Medical prescriptions are only for official medical cannabis, which can only be purchased at a dispensary and you need to keep proof of purchase. If you are growing, drying and processing your own cannabis, any prescriptions from your doctor are completely irrelevant. On the other hand, the fact that marijuana treatment was prescribed or recommended by your doctor can be considered an important mitigating factor in a possible court of law.

Medical Cannabis Law in Czech Republic

Medical Marijuana Buds on Black Background
Medical Marijuana Buds on Black Background

A bill allowing cannabis to be legally available on prescription in pharmacies as a medicine was passed by the Czech Chamber of Deputies on 7 December 2012.The law came into effect on 1 April 2013 and since then medical use of cannabis has been legal and regulated in the Czech Republic. The law allows for 180 g of dry matter per month, as prescribed by specialized physicians, and can be obtained using an electronic prescription form.

Violation of the statutory obligations can result in administrative fines of up to CZK 10,000,000 (approx. EUR 416,000).

Recreational Cannabis Law in Czech Republic

recreational cannabis at 420 party
recreational cannabis at 420 party

Possession of more than 15 grams of dried marijuana for personal use, or growing more than five plants, is considered a civil offence. However, since January 1, 2010, possession of less than 15 grams and less than 5 plants has been legalized, and quantities above this have been decriminalized. On conviction, a fine of up to CZK 15,000 can be imposed, but fines are usually much lower. Cannabis is readily available at concerts and bars. However, marijuana is still illegal and possession of large quantities can lead to a year in prison. Human trafficking is a criminal offense with a minimum sentence of two years and a maximum penalty of 18 years in prison, but 10 to 18 years in prison only in extreme cases. Probation or other alternative punishments are often imposed in cases of trafficking of minors that do not generate substantial revenue.

Industrial Hemp Law in Czech Republic

hemp cbd law in Czech Republic
hemp cbd law in Czech Republic

According to the law 463/2013 Coll. Cannabis containing up to 1% THC is permitted for industrial, technical and horticultural use, including sale. It’s legal to grow EU certified hemp not exceed 100 square meters without license or permission (It’s not clear that  how many layers). If the planting area of industrial hemp exceeds 100 square meters, it must be notified to the competent customs authority. Violation of the statutory obligation to notify industrial hemp cultivation of more than 100 square meters may result in an administrative fine of up to CZK 1,000,000 (approximately EUR 40,800).

According to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015, CBD is considered a so-called “novel food” and requires authorization from said regulation before it can be placed on the market.

However, the Czech State Agricultural and Food Inspection Agency believes that hemp leaf or seed products that naturally contain CBD are not considered “new food products”. Synthetic cannabinoids, on the other hand, are considered “novel foods” and require approval under the aforementioned regulations before they can be placed on the market.

For CBD cosmetics, Czech law only requires that cosmetics not contain any THC. Therefore, THC-free CBD cosmetics are permitted by law. This approach does not fully comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the European Commission, which are currently being discussed.

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