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hhc discount
hhc discount

We Prepared For Legalization

In the past few years in Germany, Czech Republic and other European countries, we have been hearing voices about the legalization of adult-use cannabis, and we feel that we are almost there. In order to meet the legalization, we have prepared a full set of equipment and technology. Pure and highly concentrated THC distillate can be produced in just a few days.

Why we didn’t start? The fact is that the rule makers dragged their feet. For what exactly reasons, we can only speculate.

Alternative to THC – HHC

Before dawn we saw the light of hexahydrocannabinol – HHC! This is a THC-like product that can be sold legally. We tried our best to optimize it. It replaces the safety risks of black market goods and also largely reduces legal risks for consumers.

The Last Of HHC

However, the good times didn’t last long. Some countries in Europe are starting to ban it. Today, Austria officially listed it as a new psychoactive substance, following Lithuania and Finland. Processing and trading HHC is no longer legal, holding and using it will not be punished for the time being. This signal warns us that time is running out for HHC. Perhaps in the near future, more countries will ban HHC.

Maybe in the next few weeks, maybe months, we don’t know. So we intend to reduce the price of all HHC items until the end.

Legal stagus of HHC in Europe: Updage 20/05/2023


Czech Republic

Jan. 17 – Czech Republic National Anti-Drug Coordinator Jindřich Vobořil prepares a draft proposal to regulate the substance in response to reports that the Czech Internet has been flooded with HHC. His team created a draft list of “psychomutants,” new compounds with low to moderate risk that recommend strict regulation, but with no “reason why it must be banned.”
April 14 – In a sharp departure from Mr Vobořil’s position, the country’s National Anti-Drugs Headquarters and the Ministry of Defense, with the support of the Ministry of Health, put forward a proposal to include HHC on the list of addictive substances from July 2023.
May 10 – The Czech Republic has proposed a draft regulation to add HHC and tetrahydrocannabinol (THCP) to the list of controlled substances, excluding industrial hemp and hemp extracts, according to the European Commission’s TRIS database.


Jan. 19 – Iceland invokes emergency rules to remove HHC and THCO immediately from the market as it notifies the European Commission that it has submitted a bill to add cannabinoids to the list of controlled substances, marking it the first European One country that attempted to do so included HHC in its narcotics regime.
Jan. 30 – Weeks later, amendments to the country’s narcotics list are published to include both substances.


1 February – A day later, Estonia becomes the first country in the European Union to follow suit, publishing a bill adding HHC to its list of psychotropic substances.


8 February – Austrian opposition parties table a motion calling on the government to include HHC in its New Psychoactive Substances Ordinance (NPSO), noting that offering the product through a legal loophole poses “significant risks”.
28 February – The Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection proposes a draft amendment to the NPSO to include HHC on the prohibited list.
23 March – Media reports confirm that HHC has now been placed on the Prohibited Substances List and its sale, including remaining stock, has subsequently been banned.


April 4 – The Swiss Federal Ministry of the Interior announces revisions to its narcotics and psychotropic substances legislation, banning HHC and 10 other substances.


April 6 – Poland announces to the European Commission plans to add HHC-O (the acetate version of HHC) to its list of narcotics and confirms that it has listed HHC as a narcotic, but the exact date is unknown.


April 17 – The Swedish Public Health Agency announces that another cannabinoid, H4-CBD, has now been added to the list of substances under investigation, while confirming that HHC will be added in October 2022. While this does not mean that the substances are banned, it does mean that the agency has submitted a request for their classification.


April 20 – Bulgaria’s National Pharmaceutical Council says it will draft a bill to ban the production, trade, possession and use of HHC, listing it as a Schedule 1 substance along with THC.


May 2 – While it is understood no concrete proposals have been made to parliament, Denmark’s health minister tells local media that she is planning to ban HHC, saying that when new substances emerge and prove to be dangerous, “we have to react ‘.


April 28 – The Bloc République raises the question in parliament whether HHC will soon be banned by the government.
May 15 – The country’s health minister, François Braun, tells local media that while HHC is not currently classified as a narcotic, according to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) stipulation, “Honestly, I think it will be soon”) is expected soon.


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