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What is water-soluble cannabis extract?

The cannabinoids are naturally oil-soluble substance, it can be converted into water-soluble by micro or nano emulsification. The size of cannabinoids molecules will be reduced to under 100nm even less. After consumption, it reaches the bloodstream very high efficiency.The affects and bioavailability of water-soluble cannabinoids are much more efficiently than the ingestion of standard oil-based compounds.

How long can water-soluble cannabinoids infused product effects last?

The effect of cannabinoids create in the body can range from person to person. For most people, effects will begin to dissipate within 4 to 6 hours, but some may experience sensations for up to 6 to 12 hours. It is important to keep the products away from children and do not drive after drinking cannabis infused products contains THC.

How fast will I feel after consume water-soluble cannabinoids?

It’s always important to understand that cannabinoids affects each person differently. It can depend on your tolerance for cannabis, or even how much you’ve dosed. From most people will likely start feeling the effects of water soluble cannabinoids within 20-40mins.

Can I pass drug test after I consume water-soluble cannabis extracts?

If enough THC is present, it will show up on a drug test.This means most of full spectrum hemp extracts products which contains THC will show positive result in the drug test.

Can I bring MaryFuel® on flight?

We test cannabinoids profile of every batch of MaryFuel’s products before release to market. The Cannabis Sativa L. derived products which contain THC not exceed 0.2% are not illegal in USA,UK and most EU countries. But you still need to check the local legal situation.

What is flavor of MaryFuel®?

MaryFuel’s products extracted from EU GAP and organic certified cannabis Sativa L.

It’s a little bitter because organic hemp extracts are bitter. No sugar or other additives.

How do I storage MaryFuel®?
Store in the cold dry place on 2~8°C degrees. Refrigerating is recommended.


About MaryFuel

Do you know that Cannabis infused beverage is a new trend? There are always something new in the industry. You will see markets bursting with cannabis-infused edible products very soon, but do you know that there are water-soluble cannabis extracts that you can drink directly or add to other drinks.

MaryFuel is one such product that provides water-soluble cannabinoids extract. Since cannabis extract is oil-soluble, it reduces the bioavailability and absorption rate of cannabinoids. The MaryFuel overcome the problem and give an increased absorption rate for the cannabinoids.

At Kannastar, we are offering a variety of extracts so that you can get better results from your cannabinoids. Let’s move ahead to learn more about it.

What are water-based cannabis extracts?

Water-soluble cannabis extracts are ground-breaking cannabis extract that makes it easier to add cannabis to drinks. Since cannabis oil separates readily from the water due to less density, conventional cannabis oil tinctures will not blend into drinks.

The water-based cannabis extracts not only blend in water but also increase bioavailability. The standard practice to ground the hydrophobic nature of cannabis oil is Micro or Nano emulsification. The small atom-sized Cannabis molecules of water-soluble Cannabis extracts make it easier for the bloodstream to absorb the substance.

Notwithstanding the hydrophilic nature of macro Cannabis molecules, which must normally be mixed with oil-based products, these micro Cannabinoids particles are more conducive to water.

Is Water-Based cannabis extract more effective than Oil-Based?

Water-based cannabis extracts have the edge over oil-based extracts in terms of better absorption rates and potency of the product.

Since the micro and nano emulsion process is used to break down macro cannabis particles, a study demonstrated that emulsified vitamin E resulted in a 68-fold increase in bioavailability.

Typical Cannabis oil sticks collectively in water and forms a fatty cluster impermeable to liquid. Moreover, the normal cannabinoid molecules are too big to engage through porous tissue and into the blood.

As a result of this feature, water-soluble CBD is significantly more effective and accessible, as a large portion of it is released into the bloodstream. Because it is absorbed more efficiently, greater strength also means speedier onset.

Since water-based cannabis extracts absorb most of the cannabinoids, it also provides a good buck bang. You can get more in less since a tiny bit of water-based cannabis will yield the same results as a larger cannabis oil dosage.

Buy MaryFuel cannabis drink

The KannaStar laboratory created and developed MaryFuel®, a revolutionary blend of microscopic water-soluble cannabinoids. The Kannastar is offering four different MaryFuel products that are:

· Hustling

· Party Animal

· Cosman

· Lander


You can select appropriate products based on your specific needs and tolerance.

While using MaryFuel water-based cannabis, you will find it handy and effective to use directly or mix it with cocktails or soft drinks anytime.

The vest part of MaryFuel cannabis extract is that it is odor-free in the environment. And since it is water-based, it will not take more time to kick in the cannabis effect. Moreover, the MaryFuel cannabis extract will bring strong cannabis effects since it will not waste precious cannabinoids in the name of the “first pass metabolism” mechanism.

Why MaryFuel is premium cannabis drink?

  • Long-Lasting Effects

The MaryFuel water-based cannabis extract hits the bloodstream with high efficiency. Although the effects of cannabinoids different for everyone, for most individuals, it will stay around 4-6 hours. However, some users can also exercise it for up to 12 hours.

Suppose you are a new cannabis user for you. In that case, the Maryfuel hit will be more lingering, and for avid cannabis users, this effect will not be much.

  • Fast Acting

Since ordinary cannabis extract can take anywhere from 45minutes to 90 minutes to kick off the cannabinoid effect, the MaryFuel water-soluble extract is fast-acting. If you are looking for a fast onset of cannabinoids but without vaping or sublingual administration, then water-based cannabis is the best option.

Despite that, it hinges on your cannabinoid tolerance and how much you’ve consumed within 20-40 minutes; most individuals will begin to experience the effects of water-soluble cannabis.

  • It’s Additive-Free

At Kannastar, we are committed to providing organic cannabinoids solution to our customers. And for that, we extract MaryFuel’s products from EU GAP and organic certified cannabis Sativa L.

Since we extract water-soluble cannabis from hemp, it will yield a little bitter taste due to cannabinoids presence in the final products. While many water-soluble cannabis extracts come with sugar and other flavor enhancers and additives, we do not mask the MaryFuel’s flavor with such things. We provide an organic and natural cannabis extract that complies with safety standards.

How MaryFuel made?​

  • The first step is to source EU GAP-certified organic hemp plants.

  • The next phase is to extract the raw cannabis oil from these plants.

  • To remove lipids, fats, and chlorophyll via multi-layer filtration and molecular distillation, we process it under -60 degrees Celsius.

  • The next phase is converting oil-based cannabis extract to water-based. We use emulsification technology to minimize the size of the cannabinoids molecules below 100nm.

  • After the emulsification process, the oil-based cannabis extract becomes water-based.

  • Third-lab tested:we send it to Pharma-Lab in Slovenia and ProVerde Lab in the USA. At labs, they test cannabinoids profile, Terpenes, VOC Residual solvents, Heavy Metal, Bacteria Yeast, and Mold E Coil.

MaryFuel – Enjoy With Every Sense

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