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There are so many new cannabinoids showing up on the market, it’s easy to find the right one you want to use today. Just like HHC, it’s a super star become most popular around Europe. On Google Trends shows that users search HHC more than THC since 2022 to 2023 and it’s still rising up.

But why? We have to look deep to get anwsers.

search of HHC
Users search data of HHC,THC,CBD on Google Trends

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol discovered by American chemist Roger Adams in 1940s. He added hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC to convert THC to be hydrogenated THC, Aka HHC.

How HHC works?

HHC, like other cannabinoids, works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Your endocannabinoid system regulates important bodily functions, including: Sleep. mood.

What are HHC effects compare to Delta-9 THC?

The effect of HHC varies from person to person, and the following main points have been learned from users, which experienced with high quality of HHC contains 9R HHC more than 70%:

1, Like Delta-9 THC with 50-70% potency.

2, More relaxing and stimulating.

3, Easier to control, less bad trip.

4, It kicks in very quick.

What are HHC side effects?

  • Anxiousness
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased appetite
  • Red eyes
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Insomnia

What are benefits of HHC?

Since HHC is so similar to THC, it may offer similar benefits of THC, but there are very few studies have investigated this.

What are risks of using HHC?

Because it’s a new cannabinoid in the market since 2021, not much is known about the physical and psychological risks HHC poses to human.

The cannabinoid market in Europe is not well-regulated, it is possible to buy low-quality or untested products.

According to the effect like THC, the use of HHC may pose risks in the following behaviors:

  • Drive any vehicle.
  • Operate heavy equipment.

Does HHC show up on drug test?

Fortunately use HHC products with no THC will pass the drug test. The current 12-in-1 test does not include the detection method of HHC, and HHC will not be metabolized into 11-hydroxy-THC.

Is HHC legal in Europe? (Latest update 22/05/2023)

Czech Republic

Jan. 17 – Czech Republic National Anti-Drug Coordinator Jindřich Vobořil prepares a draft proposal to regulate the substance in response to reports that the Czech Internet has been flooded with HHC. His team created a draft list of “psychomutants,” new compounds with low to moderate risk that recommend strict regulation, but with no “reason why it must be banned.”
April 14 – In a sharp departure from Mr Vobořil’s position, the country’s National Anti-Drugs Headquarters and the Ministry of Defense, with the support of the Ministry of Health, put forward a proposal to include HHC on the list of addictive substances from July 2023.
May 10 – The Czech Republic has proposed a draft regulation to add HHC and tetrahydrocannabinol (THCP) to the list of controlled substances, excluding industrial hemp and hemp extracts, according to the European Commission’s TRIS database.


Jan. 19 – Iceland invokes emergency rules to remove HHC and THCO immediately from the market as it notifies the European Commission that it has submitted a bill to add cannabinoids to the list of controlled substances, marking it the first European One country that attempted to do so included HHC in its narcotics regime.
Jan. 30 – Weeks later, amendments to the country’s narcotics list are published to include both substances.


1 February – A day later, Estonia becomes the first country in the European Union to follow suit, publishing a bill adding HHC to its list of psychotropic substances.


8 February – Austrian opposition parties table a motion calling on the government to include HHC in its New Psychoactive Substances Ordinance (NPSO), noting that offering the product through a legal loophole poses “significant risks”.
28 February – The Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection proposes a draft amendment to the NPSO to include HHC on the prohibited list.
23 March – Media reports confirm that HHC has now been placed on the Prohibited Substances List and its sale, including remaining stock, has subsequently been banned.


April 4 – The Swiss Federal Ministry of the Interior announces revisions to its narcotics and psychotropic substances legislation, banning HHC and 10 other substances.


April 6 – Poland announces to the European Commission plans to add HHC-O (the acetate version of HHC) to its list of narcotics and confirms that it has listed HHC as a narcotic, but the exact date is unknown.


April 17 – The Swedish Public Health Agency announces that another cannabinoid, H4-CBD, has now been added to the list of substances under investigation, while confirming that HHC will be added in October 2022. While this does not mean that the substances are banned, it does mean that the agency has submitted a request for their classification.


April 20 – Bulgaria’s National Pharmaceutical Council says it will draft a bill to ban the production, trade, possession and use of HHC, listing it as a Schedule 1 substance along with THC.


May 2 – While it is understood no concrete proposals have been made to parliament, Denmark’s health minister tells local media that she is planning to ban HHC, saying that when new substances emerge and prove to be dangerous, “we have to react ‘.


April 28 – The Bloc République raises the question in parliament whether HHC will soon be banned by the government.
May 15 – The country’s health minister, François Braun, tells local media that while HHC is not currently classified as a narcotic, according to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) stipulation, “Honestly, I think it will be soon”) is expected soon.

Check list to buy high quality HHC products:

1, 9R HHC and 9S HHC Ratio

There are two types of HHC, 9R is active, 9S is inactive. It’s better to choose products which contains higher 9R for more potency effect.

2, Heavy metal and solvents test

The materials used in the production of HHC may contain solvents and heavy metals. The removal process is not difficult for a qualified producer, but it is best to check the certificate of analysis(CoA) of the product before purchasing.

2, HHC, HHCO, HHCP, Which one is better for you?

If you’re new to this cannabinoid and not sure how it feels, then HHC or HHC-O Lite may be better for you.

But if you know your tolerance and want to go a step further but don’t want to go that big, maybe half way, then the HHC-O Pro and HHC-O Pure are a great option.

HHC-O provides the smoothest steam imaginable and a stronger effect than HHC. A middle ground when it comes to potency, but don’t be fooled. It’s still going strong.

In the end, HHC-P is the most exciting derivative because it is so powerful that even high tolerance of THC users will be blown away.

If you really want to experience HHC-P, then our brand new HHC-P vape pen and cartridge will be one brand that you can count on. The innovative cartridge uses the top quality HHC-P distillate in the market which contains 80% 9R HHC-P , paired with 67-72% HHC-O and 20% full spectrum CBDa and 5% amazing Hawaiian Cannabis Strains derived terpene, It will give you a powerful mental and physical boost.

Is there any natural HHC cannabis strains?

No HHC-rich cannabis strains were found. This is very rare in natural cannabis.

What is HHC flower buds?

Infused flower is a type of cannabis product that has been infused with cannabis concentrates.

How HHC liquid looks like?

HHC is a very viscous, pale yellow liquid. Crystallizes at sub-zero temperatures. It will turn red after prolonged contact with air, or after repeated heating. If it is fresh HHC is easy to turn red because there is residual solvent.

What is HHC boiling temperature?

175-180 degrees Celsius.

What kind of HHC is the best?

There are 2 types of HHC, 9R and 9S. The best HHC should be contains more 9R HHC. If the HHC produced from organic hemp extracts, it should contain more than 50% 9R. More than 70% of 9R will have a satisfactory effect. 

What’s HHC experience?

HHC does get you similar experience like THC, this feeling can affect everyone differently. It can last about two to three hours, depending on several factors. These factors include intake, how the body processes HHC, and how often HHC is used with other products. It also varies according to the environment and mood.

Will HHC Make you Fail a drug test?

It seems that HHC is not broken down in the body in the same way as THC. Unlike the delta-8, delta-9, and delta forms of THC, there is evidence that HHC does not break down into 11-hydroxy-THC, which many screeners point out. But this has not been studied extensively and is therefore not certain. So far, no one knows for sure that it doesn’t leave traces of consumption in blood or hair.

Will you lose driving license because consuming HHC?

If your driver’s license is affected by a drug test, it probably won’t be because of HHC. HHC is not currently covered by drug testing reagents, and there is no evidence that consuming pure HHC will result in a positive THC test.

Where to find HHC near by?

With fast shipping service, you don’t have to wait too long to order from KANNASTAR online HHC shop. If you really don’t want to wait to try, check CoA of the product you find from local store.

How to choose to buy hhc vapes?

There are currently 4 most popular ways of vaping HHC:

1,Vape HHC distillate with ceramic vape pens such as 510 vape pen.

2,  Vape HHC E-liquid with traditional electronic cigarette equipped cotton automizer.

3, Use dry herbal vaporizer to vape HHC flowers, hash and kief etc. 

4, Vape HHC concentrates such by Dab device. 

How to buy HHC with discount price?

Subscribe KANNASTAR for discount information and coupon.


What is HHC?

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid that can be found from legal hemp plants or processed from CBD or THC by hydrogenation.

To know more about HHC please read our article: What is HHC?

What's effect of HHC?

The effects of HHC are very similar to THC. Some HHC users describe its effect as more relaxing than Delta 9, similar to Delta 8. Since HHC is so similar to THC, it may offer many of the benefits of THC, but few studies have investigated this.

Does our HHC products contain THC?

Our HHC distillate dose not contain THC more than 0.2%. Therefore, it has a legal advantage over delta-8, delta-9 and delta-10.

Certificate of Analysis

What is HHC-O?

HHC-O is the acetate version of HHC, a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is chemically stable as a hydrogenated form of CBD or THC due to its hydrogen enhancement and is known to have similar effects to THC. After HHC processed to HHC-O, its fluidity was significantly improved.

Read our article to know more about HHC-O Acetate:

What is different between HHC-O and HHC?

HHC-O is the prodrug version of HHC and therefore has great medicinal effects. While HHC will usually feel very fast after it evaporates, HHC-O takes longer to work but lasts longer. Once your body metabolizes acetate, it binds easily to cannabinoid receptors, more easily than HHC alone, for a stronger effect. One aspect of HHC-O is that it is generally stronger than HHC alone because of its higher bioavailability. It has lower viscosity than HHC, and is versatile in food applications. The positive effects will be stronger than with HHC.


Click here to read more about HHC vs HHC-O

What is HHC-P?

HHC-P is actually the hydrogenated form of THC-P. This means that it is made in part of hydrogen and is extremely chemically stable, yet still provides the same properties as THC-P. Those who are familiar with HHC will understand the analogy between HHC-P and THC-P, and the relationship between HHC and delta 9 THC.

What's effect of HHC-P?

Measuring the strength of HHCP is not easy because it depends on the subjective experience of the person using it. Consumers of HHCP claim it is 20 times as potent as HHC, 5 times as potent as THCP and 10 times as potent as THC. Notably, the bioavailability of HHCP is higher than that of Delta 9 THC. It can be noted that most HHC-P products on the market have a percentage of less than 5% due to its incredible strength and longer lasting durability. Most users will mix HHC-P at smaller percentages due to how strong it is. While there are currently no bad user reports, it is certain that driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery after using HHCP would be a high risk behavior.

Does HHC oil contain heavy metals?

Heavy metals can be present in all processes from the farm to the laboratory, from the air and soil to the production line. Our test results for the final HHC Distillate are satisfactory, and all heavy metal tests have passed.

Where do we ship to?

We are currently shipping to most European countries in Schengen zone. 

Why is the product not available to purchase in your country?

1, We do not ship products with THC levels above legal limits to your country.

2, We do not ship products containing cannabinoids that are banned in your country.

How long until I get my package?

We take the speed of delivery very seriously. You will normally receive product within 2-4 working days by UPS/Fedex/DHL Standard, 1-2 working days by Express. However, there are things that may further delay your shipment which are out of our control.

How to pay order?

Kannastar accept MasterCard or Visa card payment, and Direct Bank Transfer. All payments take place in a secure environment with our payment service provider PayU.


If you paid by direct bank transfer option?

The funds will be available in our bank approximately 1-2 days by SEPA and 2-4 days by SWIFT transfer. As soon as we receive the funds, we will ship your product.

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