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Why Kannastar vape pens?

The Vape Pen we use is tested for years, it doesn’t leak oil, no clog, and it doesn’t easily over burned. It allows you to use it with confidence.

Can I refill oil into the cartridge?


You can refill other oil into the cartridge.

But since the cartridge has evaporated the previous oil, the taste will not be the same as before.

How many puffs I can vape?

It depends on your lung capacity. Generally, it takes 250-350 puffs to consume a 1-gram cartridge.

How to maintain the performance?

Do not use it all the time, preferably with a 30-second gap between each puff.

Do not expose the cartridge to sunlight for long time and store in a cool place when not in use.

Try not to use it when the battery is out of power.

Can I use other batteries?

Yes, you can. Our atomizer is 510 standard interface, compatible with standard 510 threaded batteries on the market.

But please be careful not to set the voltage more than 3.6V, this will over heat the coil.

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