A Complete Guide Of Dosing Hemp CBD

A Complete Guide Of Dosing Hemp CBD

You’ve undoubtedly read about Cannabis’s health advantages; however, how much do you need to experience them?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the hemp plant’s active chemicals that have various effects on your body. Evidence shows that CBD could benefit depression and anxiety disorders, sleep, epileptic seizures, pain and inflammation, and cardiac health.

CBD is not toxic, so it will not make you feel high and euphoric; however, THC does have psychoactive properties. So finding a middle ground that you get both plentiful CBD and minimum THC is essential. Since Cannabis is still unregulated and there is no clear guideline for dosages, determining how much you may consume might be difficult.

Here’s everything you ought to learn about calculating the proper cannabis dosage.

What Does The Research Say About CBD Dosage?

In the past few years, cannabinoids have become the topic of debate and investigation.

Many studies have revealed that it’s a reasonably practical approach, as this 2017 review indicates. The research looked at in the same study didn’t establish that there is a single cannabinoid dosage everybody can receive. Instead, it emphasized how different individuals (including, in animal research, distinct animals) react to varied cannabinoid concentrations. Most human research employs daily doses ranging from 20 to 1,500 milligrams (mg).

It’s important to realize that there’s yet plenty we don’t understand about Cannabis and CBD. Scientists will likely perform more investigations on Cannabis, particularly marijuana and hemp, and its compounds as the cannabinoid market expands.

How To Figure Out the Right Amount?

The dosage of Cannabis you must consume is determined by several factors, such as the following:

· Your weight-for-age

· Your specific body chemistry

· The concentration of CBD and THC in any cannabis product your taking

In a roundabout way, there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting how much Cannabis to consume. While taking Cannabis, consult your doctor about the proper dosing and any possible side effects.

Adhere to your doctor’s recommendations to advise you what quantity to utilize. This is imperative if you use a CBD-containing pharmaceutical drug like Epidiolex, a seizure medicine.

Unless your health care professional doesn’t give you a prescription, begin with a lower dose and progressively increase up. This could mean beginning with 20-40 mg of cannabis products daily. After seven days of consuming 40 mg, you can increase this amount by 5 mg. Continue this until you feel that it’s effectively treating your symptoms.

Going with 30-35 milligrams per day could be an excellent place to start. However, you can raise this quantity by 5 mg every week. You can keep increasing the dosage until you notice your illnesses are healed.

For instance, you can begin with 30 mg to alleviate chronic pain. However, after taking 30mg for seven days, you can go up to 35-40 mg. After another seven days, you can go up to 50 mg. After continuously increasing the dose, you might notice significant comfort in your pains.

It can be wise to record the exact amount of cannabis product you’re consuming and when your issues start to get better.

How to calculate CBD dosage?

For example, CBD products, like candies and pills, will show you what amount is in a serving size. The labeling on a container of CBD pills may state that each capsule contains 5 milligrams of CBD.

Cannabis oil will most typically arrive in a dropper container. The number of cannabinoids in one drop may be specified on the container. From that, you can calculate how many drips you’ll need to achieve the dose of the day.

However, it can be challenging to conclude how much of every cannabinoid will be in every drop. Since the label only mentions the overall dosage in the container, not the quantity in an individual drop.

It is worth noting that a drop is around 0.05 milliliters (not a full dropper) in volume.

This translates to 400 drops in a 20-mL container of cannabis oil. When the 20-mL bottle’s label states that it has 500 mg of CBD, every droplet will carry roughly 2.5 milligrams of CBD. Thus four droplets of this CBD oil will give you 10 mg of Cannabidiol.

You can measure your CBD dosage this way.

Is It Safe To Take Too Much Cannabis?

As per a 2011 study, humans handle CBD nicely, despite over 1,500 mg per day at large doses. But for THC, you need to look for low concentration as it induces high.

It was also acknowledged in a 2017 review which was an update on the 2011 study. Nevertheless, a mouse study published in 2019 raised some health warnings regarding CBD’s possibility for liver toxicity and drug-drug interactions.

If you’re presently consuming medicine and want to take Cannabis, you should consult a physician first.

How to Dose Cannabis—What are the Options for consuming Cannabis?

Cannabis can be consumed in various ways other than smoking. Medical cannabis consumers and individuals who use it as recreational drugs should think about delivery techniques. Find out more about the multiple approaches that are accessible for using Cannabis.


Marijuana is commonly used by wrapping it into a cigarette or joint) with tobacco wrapping materials and then inhaling them. It’s also possible to burn it in a pipe or a hookah.

Cannabis can also be inhaled in a blunt, that is, a cigar in which tobacco is replaced with Cannabis or has a combination of both.

Some people use glass bongs, which are approximately the size of a pipe, to smoke Cannabis. A hookah is, in fact, one of the earliest ways to smoke Cannabis, and also hashish, tobacco, and other things.

Marijuana smokers, on the other hand, are recognized for their creativity, mainly when they go out of rolling papers. They can make blunts and bowls from Coke aluminum cans, maize husks, and even fruits.

Because pot smoke is harmful, the American Lung Association urges more study into the impact of cannabis use on lung damage.

Above all, when it comes to dosing the cannabis flowers, you can start with 5mg of flowers initially, and after some time, you can increase it.


Vaporization is a reasonably young process of obtaining Cannabis. Vaporizers heat Cannabis to a temperature just under burning. Instead of inhaling toxic smoke, you can inhale the active chemicals as a gas.

Vaporizers are helpful for a variety of reasons, including:

· Some people claim that “vaping” gives them a better high.

· Vaporizers give off less of a cannabis odor than smoking

· They’re usually smaller and easier to cover.

You can vape Cannabis via a vape pen where you need to acquire a pre-filled vape cart. When buying vape carts, make sure it comes from a reputed company. Moreover, ensure that the vape cart is free from toxic elements. Besides, the vape cart also examines the oil within the vape cart.

Check if the contents are free from vitamin E acetate, Polyethene glycol, Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, etc. Though these chemicals are natural additives, they can bring destruction to you upon burning.

Vape carts come with a pre-measured quantity of oil, so you are better off with your dosing.


This form of cannabis smoking is comparable to vaping, except it uses tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds produced from cannabis plants. It might be in the form of an oil (hashish oil or honey oil), a mushy solid (butter or budder), or a solid mass (shatter).

A blowtorch is used to ignite a bong or bender. Once the cannabis extract is inserted into the tube, it instantly produces vapor. Dabbing marijuana is supposed to provide a more potent euphoria than smoking it.

As per studies from Portland State University, smokers are constantly introduced to significant quantities of methacrolein, benzene, and other harmful compounds. The reason is that a butane flame is required to get the compounds to the proper burning temperatures.

Cannabis Infused Beverage

Any food or drink infused with active cannabis concentrate is considered edible cannabis.

If you’ve checked the menu of a cannabis shop, you’ll notice that there are a variety of CBD or THC beverages to choose from.

If the beverage cannabis extract has been converted into water-soluble, then its efficacy will be significantly more than similar oil-soluble products, because our body is up to 60% water.

Water-soluble cannabidiol degrades molecules to below 100 nanometers during the emulsification process, some nano grade emulsified molecules are even smaller than the cells of the human body, making it as high as 95% biologically active.

Just like Kannastar’s brand MaryFuel, it is a full-spectrum CBD water-dissolving product. It works wonders in less time and lasts longer.

Cannabis Infused Edibles

Cannabis edibles are foods and beverages that contain cannabidiol. Although they’ve grown in popularity lately, they’re not entirely new. Humans have a long history of incorporating cannabis into their diets, from traditional beverages in India to the humble chocolate brownies in Amsterdam coffee shops. Now, thanks to advances in production methods, you can find a wide variety of hemp baked goods, gummies, flavor packets, cooking oils, chocolates, breath bars, mints, and countless other items.

Because we all know how to eat and drink, marijuana-infused edibles aren’t as complicated as vaping, dabbing, or otherwise.

Food effects made with oil-soluble cannabis extract can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to take effect. Because cannabis in food has to pass through your digestive system before it enters your bloodstream, it can take several hours for the effects to enter, with the intensity of the effects peaking gradually. Your orgasm can then last anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on how much you consume.


Cannabis cookies prepared at home have been available for generations. However, Cannabis is now being cooked or incorporated into various foods. Cannabis delicacies are being widely available now that medicinal and recreational Cannabis is legal in several countries.

Marijuana-derived oils can be incorporated in cooking, baking, or combining with meals an array of goods that can be consumed directly or in pill form.

Cannabis oil can also be mixed into a variety of drinks. You can find it in various beverages, including infusions, cocktails, and alcohol. Cannabis leaves have been used to brew teas for so many years. Today’s tea, on the other hand, is far more substantial.

Many people believe that ingesting Cannabis is less risky than inhaling. However, the slower initiation of cannabis effects connected with edibles like baked sweets is frequently the root of overdosing.

Inhaler & Sprays

Medical and recreational marijuana can help people lead a higher quality of life. The best way to manage marijuana varies from person to person and may vary based on the reason they consume it. While smoking marijuana may be the traditional way for most people, it’s not necessarily the best way for everyone. Edibles, concentrates, e-cigarettes and oils are all alternative ways to consume cannabis products. For some people who want to ingest marijuana quickly and accurately, then Spray will be an option.


Tinctures are liquids extracted from marijuana plants infused with a solution of alcohol or alcohol and water. The user places a few drops of the key under the tongue, quickly absorbing it into the bloodstream.

Because this form of marijuana is highly concentrated, potent, and fast-acting, it is generally used for medical purposes. Still, because it produces an intense high, it is often abused.

Topical Methods

Skin topical oils are richer preparations for edibles from the cannabis plant. To fight inflammation and reduce muscle discomfort and soreness, you can also apply oils and other topicals to your skin. Cannabis topicals are generally only used for health applications because they don’t cause a “high.”

Nowadays, the extraction technology of cannabis is constantly updated, and the application fields of topical products are more extensive. From masks to body washes, toothpastes to body lotions. These products are used for a variety of purposes, including first aid, skincare, and cosmetics. While many are familiar with the concept of medical marijuana, few realize the enormous potential of topical application.

The Takeaway—Go For Good CBD Brands

Most CBD brands may be accessed online if you seek a fast and straightforward route to get CBD. However, do your homework on each manufacturer before making a purchase. Although pure, authentic CBD is harmless, counterfeit and, low-quality Cannabinoids can be harmful.

Because the cannabis market isn’t controlled in many regions, you’ll have to rely on your judgment to ensure that you’re exclusively purchasing high-quality items. Opt for products from a respected manufacturer with third-party verification, and stay away from vendors with a record of mislabeling.

Kannastar is Europe’s leading Hemp extraction company. The company strictly follows the instructions of the National Pharmaceutical Inspector for extraction and production, and all products are double-tested by its own laboratory and a third-party laboratory to ensure product content and safety. If you are looking for quality CBD products that are completely free from toxic chemicals then look check out our wide range of products on kannastar.com.

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