CBD BHO Shatter

What is Cannabis Shatter?

CBD Shatter

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate with a brittle, glass-like appearance that breaks up or shatters if snapped off. Its color is usually golden or caramel. Even though it is commonly assumed that shatter is more solid or clean than other extraction forms, this is not necessarily the case; its structure is due to the extract’s atoms becoming less disturbed during synthesis.

Shatter is commonly dabbed, a technique of ingestion that includes rapid evaporation using a dedicated water pipe known as a dabbing rig. The strength of this vitreous extract varies based on the chemical content of the original plant and the extracting processes and equipment employed.

This article will look at what cannabis shatter and how they’re manufactured. Let’s read out to know cannabis shatter.

What is CBD Shatter?

Kannastar CBD Shatter

The CBD Shatter made by KannaStar

Although shatter is most recognized for its potent THC content, several concentrate manufacturers also manufacture CBD-rich shatter with relatively little THC. CBD shatter is primarily marketed to people who desire the medical and therapeutic advantages of hemp without the psychoactive effects of THC.

CBD shatter is a fantastic alternative for medicinal cannabis users and other users engaging in the possible medical advantages of cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis extracts since it delivers a pure, strong dose of CBD. Just make sure to buy shatter that has been created especially to have high quantities of CBD and decreased numbers of THC, because this will maximize any medicinal advantages of CBD and reduce THC euphoria.

How is shatter made?

Cannabis BHO extraction

BHO close loop system by PrecisionExtraction

Shatter can be produced in many ways, although it’s usually done with butane or other hydrocarbons solutions. BHO stands for “butane hash oil” and refers to butane extraction. To create BHO, hemp is placed in a pipe, and butane or other compounds are forced over the plant matter, removing desired components such as THC and CBD. The refined oil is retrieved and may be processed further using different methods. For example, “purging” is the process of removing excess leftover chemicals with a vacuum chamber. At the same time, “winterization” is separating fats and triglycerides from oil.

Because of the fire risk of butane vapors, making shatter and other varieties of BHO by yourself is exceedingly risky. Experiments to produce BHO at the house have led to several unintentional accidents. Professional-grade shatter is made with closed-loop technologies that prevent harmful pollutants from reaching the surroundings.

Difference between shatter and wax

What is the distinction between shatter and wax?

Shatter is a term used to describe cannabis preparations with hard, crystalline consistency, whereas waxes are porous and more versatile. The distinction between shatter and wax is mostly purely aesthetic: it changes chemical activity that causes a difference in appearance. Since the particles in the extraction are left intact during manufacturing. Hence, shatter retains its glass-like quality, while the particles in wax are agitated, so they have a gooey texture.

The degree of clarity reached throughout the manufacturing process does not indicate the extract’s efficacy. To put it another way, shatter does not always have more Cannabinoids than waxes, and likewise.

You can check the laboratory results of selected objects to determine each particular extract’s strength and chemical structure.

The ease of usage is one of the main differences between shatter and wax. When utilizing dabbing instruments such as scoops, wax is softer and often simpler to handle. It possibly will be a little more challenging to pick and dispense the precisely sized dab since shatter tends to break apart into unpredictable-sized fragments when cracked.

The Takeaway?

Cannabis shatter is a potent cannabis extract that delivers instant effects to the user. At Kannastar, we manufacture CBD shatter with less THC and more CBD content. Moreover, we also keep the terpenes intact during the extraction to get the best entourage effect.

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