What Is H4CBD? Is it “Future CBD”?

What Is H4CBD?


Tetrahydrocannabidiol (H4CBD), often called hydrogenated CBD or THD, is a semi-synthetic or lab-made version of CBD. You might have heard of other synthetic and semi-synthetic version of cannabinoids that scientists created for the first time in the middle of the 20th century.

H4CBD is 100x more potent than CBD at your CB1 receptor and has greater anti-inflammatory properties than CBD. It’s a psychotropic version of CBD that resembles HHC but lacks some aspects, like a double bond. R and S diastereomers of H4CBD exist, with R being more powerful.

Can you get high after consuming it?

It’s not easy to answer this question. It’s substantially weaker than THC. For users who have no experience with THC or sensitive to THC, H4CBD is a mild to moderate cannabimimetic agent, which means that it does produce a noticeable uplifting yet relaxing effect, stress-relieving euphoria without significant intoxication.

How is it made?

H4CBD is fully hydrogenated form of CBD. It’s a chemical process that adds hydrogen atoms to a molecule of choice. This process is used throughout the food and wellness industry, for example, margarine is produced by hydrogenating vegetable oil.

What are the Effects ?

Kannastar Cannabis Vape Pen
H4CBD Vape Pen

H4CBD is not intoxicating, with “baby kick” of THC. After our review the 98.5% purity product with KANNASTAR vape pen last weekend, the H4CBD is underwhelming for THC users by inhaling even 1/3 of 1ml cartridge. All frequent CBD users they said they had high in few mins after few puffs, and few of them had stoned after 1/3 of 1ml cartridge. It’s a “CBD you can feel” to the average CBD users. If you are a THC or HHC users, you don’t like it which is ok because this product is not made to compete with THC.

H4CBD demonstrates a 100x greater binding affinity for human CB1 receptor (Ki = 145nm) than CBD (Ki = >10um). This puts H4CBD in the same realm as CBN in terms of its psychotropic potential, maybe a little more potent.

H4CBD also demonstrates greater anti-inflammatory properties than CBD as well. This study investigated macrophage production of ROI, NO and TNF-Alpha. The study indicates that H4CBD demonstrates greater anti-inflammatory bio markers than traditional CBD. H4CBD is psychoactive, but not intoxicating, similar to caffeine or nicotine in that regard. It is 100x more potent than CBD at your CB1 receptor and also has greater anti-inflammatory properties than CBD. It’s all around a better, more potent CBD. This cannabinoid will slowly replace traditional CBD because it’s CBD that works.

Source: https://www.researchgate.net/

H4CBD Drops
H4CBD Drops

Is hydrogenated CBD the same as H4CBD?

Although H4CBD is one type of hydrogenated CBD, it is not the only one. Another choice is H2CBD, which has two extra hydrogen atoms introduced rather than four. In reality, numerous different hydrogenated versions of CBD are available, each with a different chemical makeup and physiological consequences.

Is H4CBD 100x stronger than CBD?

It’s 100 times stronger than CBD on your CB1 receptors, but that doesn’t mean it’s 100 times stronger than CBD. Typically, CBD has little affinity for CB1 and may even reduce its activity. However, when combined with four hydrogen atoms, CBD’s affinity for CB1 is significantly increased, making the new cannabinoid (H4CBD) more psychoactive. But even though H4CBD is 100 times more psychoactive than CBD, its psychoactive properties are still lower than THC.

Based on an unreplicated study more than 15 years ago, scientists now speculate that H4CBD may exhibit significantly increased affinity compared to CBD — but at CB1 receptors in the nervous system, rather than the primary target of traditional CBD .

Are H4CBD and HHC the same thing?

Despite having similar ancestries, H4CBD and HHC are separate substances. HHC is the hydrogenated version of THC, much as H4CBD is the hydrogenated form of CBD. However, because the cannabinoids from which they derive differ, HHC and H4CBD have distinct effects.

Is H4CBD safe?

To comment on the safety of H4CBD, we need more knowledge. H4CBD and CBD don’t differ chemically, and CBD’s overall tolerability has already been proven. However, hydrogenation can occasionally change substances negatively. Therefore we’ll need to wait until researchers conduct additional research on H4CBD’s safety.

Is H4CBD legal?

Fully hydrogenated H4CBD products contains non-detectable THC. It’s only could be illegal in the countries where even consuming CBD is forbidden.

Where to buy high quality H4CBD products?

KANNASTAR has been adhering to the implementation of “Creative products With Meaningful Cannabinoids”. The product series uses H4CBD as the main cannabinoid. There are pure H4CBD and other cannabinoids blended versions to increase the synergistic effect. Order through the H4CBD online store and you will receive the product within a few days.

Kannastar H4CBD Vape Pen
Kannastar H4CBD Vape Pen

The Takeaway?

We can’t make any specific suggestions for H4CBD because it is a relatively new cannabinoid. Assuming H4CBD is a mildly euphoric but safe type of CBD, as some claim, we should anticipate seeing it on the market in the upcoming months and years. Always check to see if consumer-grade H4CBD products are accessible. If they are, evaluate each product’s quality and safety.

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