How To Consume And Buy High Quality HHC?

As the cannabis market has been on the verge for the past few years, we see every day new cannabinoid enters the cannabis space. Among some of the novel cannabinoids, HHC stirred the cannabis enthusiast’s interest.

Moreover, Anecdotal evidence suggests that despite having a similar effect to THC, it doesn’t show up on standard drug tests, which is one of the reasons it’s a hit.

And above all, HHC is the most stable cannabinoid resistant to oxidation, heat, and UV radiation. You won’t have to care as much about your supply decaying and losing its potency.

We’ll discuss different HHC-consuming methods in this blog post, so let’s get to it!

was ist hhc

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol-HHC, is a hydrogenated form of THC. And if you ask what hydrogenation is, it is a method of adding a hydrogen atom to a chemical bond, which is what we do to transform vegetable oil into margarine.

Moreover, HHC is typically prevalent in hemp in trace concentrations. To generate the right amount of THC, a complicated process involving high pressure, a catalyst, either nickel or palladium, is utilized to permeate it with hydrogen atoms.

During the hydrogenation process, hydrogen atoms destroy and substitute the double bond in THC’s chemical structure with hydrogen, but the cannabinoid’s characteristics and effectiveness are essentially unaffected.

hhc vape pen

What are the Effects of HHC?

Despite the fact that all cannabinoids have a basic structure, it’s amazing how differently each one affects your body due to the Chemical bonding.

It is worth mentioning that Double bonds exist in Delta-8 and Delta-9 but not in HHC. People have also observed how the duration of effects varies between a THC high and an HHC high. Many claims that the impact of HHC last up to two hours longer than those of THC.

However, the effects and longevity of HHC differ from individual to individual, just like THC. While you might only feel the effects for two and a half hours, your colleague might experience them for almost four hours. 

How to consume HHC products?

Newer methods of taking THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are producing as the cannabis community expands. But how may HHC be consumed most effectively?  In this section, we will explore it.

1. HHC vape cartridge and vape pens 

hhc kaufen
hhc vape pens

This is often the finest and, therefore, the only way for people to consume THC, and you are also starting to observe similar feelings for HHC. Vaping devices heat the HHC in liquid or concentrated form at a specific temperature to produce smoke.

Although vaping is promoted as a healthy alternative to smoking, you must exercise caution and stay away from the glut of low-quality cartridges that can contain additives like vitamin E oil and certain synthetic cannabinoids. Generally, checking reviews regarding the cartridge quality you are considering before making any purchases is the best way.

Kannastar Cannabis Vape Pen
HHC Vape Pen


2. HHC distillate oil in syringes or glass jars

Dab hhc distillate
Dab hhc distillate

HHC distillate oil is one of the purest forms of consuming it. HHC distillate conation only HHC without any other terpene or cannabinoid.

3.      HHC drops/tincture

hhc drops
hhc drops

One of the most prevalent ways of consuming cannabinoids is drops or tinctures. Tinctures mostly contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, but you can also get them in isolate form. Moreover, the tinctures and oils also come with carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or MCT oil. 

4. HHC gummies and other edibles


HHC Edibles range from cakes to candies and other foods laced with cannabinoids. The edibles allow people to take the advantages and effects of HHC in a discreet and controlled way.

 Sweetened edibles also aid in masking the flavor of the marijuana while still managing to pack a punch more potent than smoking or vaping. Your liver digests and processes cannabis when you ingest it in this way, turning it into a more active substance.

5. HHC Flowers Buds

Space Orange HHC Flower
Space Orange HHC Flower

What is Infused Cannabis Flower?

Infused flower is a type of cannabis product that has been infused with cannabis concentrated.

Which infusion method makes the best flowers?


1, Gas-solvents Infusion

This is the most consistency and highest quality infusion method.  Compressed cannabis concentrates and solvents mixture into liquid form storage in a tank as solution, then the infusion method is similar to the BHO extraction, except that the solvent is directly separated and recovered in the column by precise temperature changes during the operation, the terpenes and cannabinoids are left intact. Dried flowers are vacuumed to remove residual solvent in the final step. The whole process of this method is carried out at low temperature, the color and terpenes of the flower will be preserved to the greatest extent, the infusion of the concentrate will cover every part of the flower evenly, solvent has become gas at normal temperature, plus final separation under vacuum will be completely cleared.

2, Liquid-solvents Infusion

With this method, cannabis concentrate is mixed with a liquid solvent and infused into the flower,  the solvent is separated by vacuum oven or rotary evaporator. The downside is that the flowers will darken in color and damage the terpenes profile, of course some cannabinoids and terpenes will be extracted out into the solution.  When you see dark colored flowers, it’s generally infused by this way.

3, Powder Mixture Infusion

This is generally the home made infusion method. Crush frozen cannabis concentrates or crystals into powder, spray powder on the flowers, and then use pre-heated oven or heat gun for liquify power on the surface of flower. The advantage of this method is that no solvent is used at all, but the disadvantage is that the infusion will be inconsistency, and the surface of the flower will be covered with oil, making it difficult to grinding and roll into a joint.When you find that there are obvious differences in the effect of each flower, and there are oil on it, then there is a high possibility that this is produced through powder infusion.

9R HHC active vs 9S HHC inactive


Which one is better? The short answer :

9R HHC is effective,
9S HHC is weak.

What makes the two different from one another? Although there is a lot of conjecture, it is believed that the 9S Inactive has no benefit for you while the 9R HHC active can give you energizing effects. Although one can conclude that 9S is weaker than 9R, you do not know whether it has any consequences.


HHC is one of the novel cannabinoids making strikes around the cannabis community. While HHC offers effects much the same as THC, it does not appear on drug tests, making it best for cannabis enthusiasts.  

When it comes to consuming HHC, you have multiple ways to consume it. From vaping to adding it to your favorite food, you can use it in several ways. But know that the onset of effects of HHC will vary for each method. 

For quicker onset, you can go for vaping and sublingual administration of the tinctures. Moreover, for a tasty alternative, you can choose HHC edibles. In addition, the HHC distillate also offers a fantastic way to feel the effects of HHC.

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